Leaders must invoke an alchemy of great vision.

–Henry Kissinger

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Alliance Leadership Coaching specializes in individualized, one-on-one coaching models. We do not try to fit all leadership coaching needs, but instead focus our expertise and energy where they are the most valuable to leaders and organizations. We intentionally limit the number of active coaching clients to ensure that our individualized, highly focused coaching delivers the maximum results for every one of our clients.

Types of Coaching

The three main types of coaching we offer are:

Leadership coaching is for existing and emerging high-potential executives who want to accelerate their development as superior leaders and for organizations who want to expand the significant leadership roles of their high performing senior management team.

Executive coaching is for senior executive leaders and organizations that want to increase their executive’s presence, organizational value, and ability to consciously and personally impact the organization’s bottom line.

Career planning and development is for organizations and key employees who want to consider career plans and strategies centered on the executive’s skills, values, and interests. Career planning and development helps executives to become revitalized, reenergized, and recommitted to the organization.

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Alliance Leadership Coaching Service Models

Our coaching engagements generally last from six to twelve months to allow the client the time and support to develop new skills and abilities in the most effective timeframe. All of our engagements have common critical components, including: introduction and contracting, goal setting, assessments and feedback, actionable plans, progress reviews, and closing summaries and reports. The coaching service engagement is always custom designed to fit the individual leader’s development goals.