Leadership is the ability of a single individual through his or her actions to motivate others to higher levels of achievement.

–Buck Rodgers

What Others Are Saying About Alliance Leadership Coaching

Cameron Hutchings is an outstanding coach and mentor for executives, staff and teams. She was an indispensable member of our executive team whose judgment and professionalism was a key to organizational success. Whether dealing with individual performance or strategic planning, Cameron was a trusted leader. I certainly learned and benefited from her confidential counsel.

- The Honorable Dave McCurdy, President and CEO, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

This has been one of the most amazing experiences. I discovered a lot about myself (both good and bad). Cameron’s guidance was instrumental in helping me through the past four months! She was thoughtful, patient, and probing at the same time. She forced me to think things through and question my thoughts and actions in an open, caring, and constructive way. Coaching is something I would absolutely recommend to others, and it’s something that I would avail myself of in the future! Thank you Cameron.

- Director of Public Policy, National Public Policy and Advocacy organization

In a relatively short, 12-session period, Cameron helped me understand my thought patterns and increased awareness of my internal voice. As a result, I am a more focused and effective communicator. Cameron helped me identify personal challenges and design specific actions to manage them. She provided me with invaluable tools that I will utilize throughout my life, as well as insight and confidence in my decision-making capabilities. This newfound awareness has allowed me to confidently reach resolution on crucial life and career decisions.

- Program Analyst, Federal Government Agency

She’s awesome. Kind, caring, insightful, and has helped me tremendously. Her own experience helps her see what others can do for themselves. There’s nothing easy in the role I play at work and the balance that has to be achieved between competing interests. No one could be better at helping a person sort out issues that need resolution or thought. In short, she could help anyone, even difficult cases like my own.

- Corporate Counsel, National Trade Association